About Us

Sanguis (pronounced ˈsaŋ.ɡwis) word origin is Latin: meaning blood.

Our Founders

Our Founders have over thirty years in medical device technology and capital equipment for hospitals and clinics. They have listened to experts in the medical industry: determining viable solutions to current needs. Sanguis is responding with a portfolio of products as solution-based technology.


Sanguis Health is dedicated to providing low cost solutions for tracking and monitoring temperature of perishable products. This includes Pharmaceutical supplies, food, Laboratory Supplies and blood products. Sanguis Products ensure regulatory compliance and help prevent product loss.


Our systems are highly scalable, from a small single facility Blood Bank to a complex, multi-location medical center. Our technology allows facilities to monitor temperature and other environmental parameters. This includes products stored at the main laboratory, collection sites, and while in-transit.

We provide a custom alert notification system which immediately emails, calls, or text messages any number of personnel in the case of a deviation from the predetermined ranges. Intuitive software guides users through corrective action processes while documenting each step for regulatory compliance.

Sales Team

Our sales team is comprised of seasoned Healthcare representatives located strategically across the county. Our installation professionals work with the facility to ensure a smooth and seamless installation process. Our services include pre-installation project planning, installation and post-installation validation documentation.